Cyber Europe 2018 Malta Participation

Cyber Europe 2018 Malta Participation

Date: Jun 07, 2018

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Cyber Europe 2018 - get prepared for the next cyber cisis

Malta  participated in CE2018, an  international  cybersecurity  simulation  exercise organised  by  the EU  Cybersecurity  Agency  ENISA  on  6 and  7 June  2018. The simulation  exercise  was locally coordinated  by  the  Critical  Infrastructure  Protection Directorate  (CIPD) within  the  Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security (MHAS) and its cyber monitoring arm CSIRTMalta, Malta’s National Computer Security Incident Response Team.

50 local cyber security and media professionals from 11 local organisations participated in the most mature EU Cyber Security Simulation Exercise known as ‘Cyber Europe 2018’ (CE2018) to date. The simulation exercise was locally coordinated by the CIPD within MHAS in collaboration with EU ENISA, the EU Cyber Security Agency, and the participation of other EU member states’ agencies responsible for the monitoring of the cyber space in their respective regions.

Minister  for Home  Affairs  and  National  Security Michael  Farrugia  visited  the  coordinating team during the exercise and said such exercises are of utmost importance to test our capabilities in dealing with cyber and  hybrid attacks on  critical and  other relevant infrastructure.  Malta  is  giving  great importance to critical infrastructure and on how to deal with cyber and hybrid attacks. The Critical Infrastructure Protection Directorate will be strengthened by other professional personnel.

Malta’s   participation   was   organised   in   multiple   crisis   cells. A national   coordinating   crisis cell incorporating    a media    crisis    cell assembled    at    the    MHAS    Coordinating    Centre    in Valletta. A group   operational crisis   cell gathered   at   the   MITA   Data   Centre  in   St Venera and other organisational crisis  cells operated  from  their  normal  place  of  work  at  various  locations  in Malta. Malta’s principal moderator and planner from CSIRTMalta within the CIPD, MHAS travelled to ENISA headquarters in Athens - Greece, to form part of the EU wide coordination and exercise planning team.

The  desktop  exercise focused  on cyber and  hybrid attacks on  the  aviation  sector disrupting  their systems’ and flights’ operations.

Exercise scenario:  It is  a normal day at the  airport.  Suddenly,  the  automated check-in  machines display a system failure. Travel apps on smartphones stop functioning. The agents at the check-in counters encountered  problems operating  their  computers.  Travellers  can  neither  check  in  their luggage nor pass through security checks. There are huge lines everywhere. All flights are shown as cancelled on the airport monitors. For unknown reasons, baggage claim has stopped working and more than half of the flights must remain on the ground.

A radical group have reportedly taken control of the airport’s critical systems by means of digital and hybrid  attacks.  They  have  already  claimed  responsibility  for  the  incident  and  are  using  their propaganda channels to spread a call to action and attract more people to adopt their radical ideology.

This  was  the  intense  scenario  which  over  900 European  cybersecurity  specialists incorporating communications,     local     planners,     moderators,     monitors,     observers,     and     players from 30 countries coming  from  some  300  organisations had  to  face  during  the  ‘Cyber  Europe  2018’ (CE2018) – the most mature EU cybersecurity exercise to date. At the local level, the exercise was customised to the Malta context.

The  two-day  exercise was  orchestrated by  ENISA  at  its  headquarters  in  Athens,  Greece,  while participants either stayed at their usual workplace or gathered in crisis cells. ENISA controlled the exercise  via  its  Cyber  Exercise  Platform  (CEP)  which  provided  a  ‘virtual  universe’  (integrated environment) for the simulated world, including incident material, virtual news websites, social media channels, company websites, and security blogs.

Organised   by   the   EU   cybersecurity   agency   ENISA   in   collaboration   with national   and other cybersecurity authorities and agencies from all over Europe, the CE2018 was intended to enable the  European  cybersecurity  community  to  further  strengthen  their  capabilities  in  identifying  and tackling  large-scale  threats  as  well  as  to  provide  a  better  understanding  of  cross-border  incident contagion.

CE2018  focused  on  helping  organisations  to exercise  and test  their  internal operational continuity and   crisis   management   plans   including   media   crisis   communication   while   also   reinforcing cooperation between public and private entities.


PR 181295                                                                                                                                    




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