CyberEurope 2018

CyberEurope 2018

Date: Jun 06, 2018
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Cyber Europe 2018​                                                                                

In 2018, European countries and the EU Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) will organise the 5th pan European cyber crisis exercise, Cyber Europe 2018 (CE2018)​. CE2018 is part of the bi-annual Cyber Europe series of exercises launched in 2010. The last exercise in the series, Cyber Europe 2016, involved over 1000 participants from across Europe.

What is Cyber?

  • Cyber Europe exercises are simulations of large-scale cybersecurity incidents that escalate to EU-wide cyber crises.
  • The exercises offer opportunities to analyse advanced cybersecurity incidents but also to deal with complex business continuity and crisis management situations.
  • Cyber Europe exercises feature exciting scenarios, inspired by real-life events, developed by European cybersecurity experts.
  • The exercise is prepared by civil servants from most European countries and the ENISA cyber crisis cooperation team.
  • Because most countries across Europe participate, international cooperation between all participating organisations is inherent to the gameplay.  
  • It is a flexible learning experience: from a single analyst up to an entire organization, opt-in opt-out scenarios, you customize the exercise to your needs.​​ 

The scenari​o

  • Cyber Europe 2018 planners developed a scenario revolving around the IT, telecommunication and cybersecurity industries, with potential impacts in other sectors as well.
  • The scenario will contain technical incidents to analyse, from forensic and malware analysis, mobile infection, open source intelligence, IOTs and much more.
  • The technical incidents will build up into a crisis at all levels: local, organization, national, European. Business continuity plans will be put at test.​​ 

When and Where?

  • June 2018, for two days. The exact dates will be communicated upon registration.
  • You can participate from anywhere.
  • The exercise will rely upon the ENISA Cyber Exercise Platform (CEP) offering an integrated environment/Universe for the exercise world, including incident material, simulated news websites, social media, file sharing platforms, security blogs.​

Who is it for?

The exercise is organised for IT security, business continuity and crisis management teams. Though the exercise is a great opportunity to learn, the scenario will require knowledge in cybersecurity issues such as network analysis, malware analysis, forensics, etc, as well as business continuity and crisis management, including media crisis communication. As participants can tailor the exercise to their needs, expertise in all these topics is not required by any single team.

Participating organisations may vary by country, but could include for example:
  • Public sector organisations: 
  1. National cybersecurity agencies, national or governmental CSIRTs,
  2. Civil Aviation Authorities or ministries,
  3. Public agencies, regulators and cybercrime units.
  4. Others: contact your national planner
  • Private sector organisations:
  1. Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs)
  2. Airport Companies
  3. Air Carriers
  4. Communication (fixed, mobile, internet) network operators and providers.
  5. Cybersecurity service providers such as antivirus companies, private CSIRTs.
  6. Others: liaise with your national planner.​

​Why should I participate?
  • A unique opportunity to test internal business continuity and IT security policies.
  • Provide IT security teams with hands on incident handling opportunities.
  • Develop working relationships with competent national authorities and private stakeholders.
  • Find out who are the actors at national and European level when it comes to cyber crises.
  • Be part of the growing EU community of IT security specialists.
  • Have fun! 

Who should I contact if I have questions?

National planner for Malta: Mr Matthew Yeoman​s

Contact Details: Mr Matthew Yeomans
Telephone: 25689831
Email:   OR   ​​
Address:    Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security
                  Malta Critical Infrastructure Protection Directorate (CIPD)
                  28/12, ‘Vincenti Buildings’,
                  Strait Street,
                  Valletta, VLT1432

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