CSIRTMalta tasks shall include at least the following:
     Monitoring incidents at a national level
     Providing early warning, alerts, announcements and dissemination of information to relevant stakeholders about risks and incidents
     Coordinating and responding to incidents providing the necessary support and advice to constituents
     Providing dynamic risk and incident analysis and situational awareness
     Participating in the CSIRTs network and in the European Cooperation Group to ensure the effective, efficient and secure cooperation at the European level

CSIRTMalta shall establish cooperation relationships with the public and private sector. To facilitate cooperation, CSIRTMalta shall promote the adoption and use of common or standardised practices for:
     Incident and risk-handling procedures
     Incident, risk and information classification schemes;


Fingerprint: 4AD9 7ECA 6B27 33DB DD4E  3430 A3D4 A971 ED98 314C

CSIRTMalta PGP Public key can be downloaded from​ here.

Privacy Policy

CSIRTMalta will not share information without the prior written consent of the data owner. Please see CSIRTMalta privacy policy​.

More Information

More information about CSIRTMalta can be found at the RFC 2350 section.​


Contact Information:

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Malta Critical Infrastructure Protection Directorate

43A St Paul Building Suite 1,
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Valletta, VLT1532
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+356 2568 9800

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CSIRTMalta Telephone
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