CIP Unit

CIP Unit

In terms of critical infrastructure and national emergency the CIPD:

  • Established a new CI and emergency structures providing the required information flow and relationship approach at national level

  • Identified and designated local critical infrastructure sectors and subsectors and the respective critical assets/facilities

  • Established sectoral forums within every designated sector with the objective of conducting an evaluation of the current CI and emergency state-of-affairs in Malta (stock-take) and the eventual forward planning of the local context within a European and global perspective

  • Identified SLOs (Security Liaison Officers) and ELOs (Emergency Liaison Officers within designated critical and emergency organisations

  • Coordinate and direct the necessary national CI and emergency related planning and meetings towards ensuring an appropriate management of critical infrastructure protection

  • Organises training, workshops and conferences related to CIs and emergency management, incorporating both operational and cyber topics, on an ongoing basis

  • Established the necessary information sharing platforms required for the appropriate management of CIP and national emergency

  • Ensure that risk assessments and operator security plans are conducted and exercised on an ongoing basis by the respective CI and emergency organisation

  • Identify and communicate related CI and emergency technologies amongst and to all local stakeholders on an ongoing basis

  • Coordinates and overview (supervises) the conduct of the first National Risk Assessment (NRA) exercise for Malta

  • Identify and designate related CI and emergency projects involving the appropriate local stakeholders with the objective of providing the necessary assurance towards the protection of CIs and national emergency planning and exercising

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