CIP Directorate

CIP Directorate

The Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Directorate (CIPD) operates within the portfolio of the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security (MHAS) in Malta.  It is a Government organisation formally established in September 2014.  In addition to its principal CIP and National Emergency Coordination roles, the functions of the “Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) Unit” and those of “CSIRTMalta” (the National Computer Security Incidence Response Team), have been incorporated within the functions of the CIPD.

At the National Level, the CIPD is entrusted with a coordinating role of all stakeholders involved in the management of Critical Infrastructures (CI), Critical Information Infrastructures (CII), all Public and Private CSIRT’s (Computer Security Incident Response Teams), the Emergency & Security Services (Civil Protection, Police & AFM), the Emergency Health Services, and other organizations involved in national emergency and disaster management, incorporating owners, operators, entities, departments and other bodies as may be directed.

At the European and international level the CIPD acts as the CIP European contact point in Malta and reports and coordinate related issues within Malta, with other European Member States, with the European Commission and all other CIP and emergency related organisation beyond the European borders.

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