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Who are we?
The Malta Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIP) operates within the portfolio of the Cabinet Office, in the Office of the Prime Minister and acts according the objectives defined by L.N. 434 of 2011 Critical Infrastructures and European Critical Infrastructures (Identification, Designation and Protection) Order. This Order is the transposition of Council Directive 2008/114/EC of 8th December 2008 on the identification and designation of European critical infrastructures and the assessment of the need to improve their protection.
What do we do?
The Malta CIP Unit establishes the criteria for the identification and designation of Critical Infrastructures, and maintains a national inventory of critical assets within designated Critical Infrastructures. Moreover the Unit ensures that CI owners or operators:

·         Conduct an appropriate Risk Assessment;
·         Draw and maintain an suitable Operator Security Plan (OSP);
·         Perform operational reviewing, updating and the necessary exercising of such plans (OSPs);
·         Share CI information as may be required from time to time.
Malta CIP Unit acts as the European CIP (ECIP) contact point communicating and reporting on the above to the European Commission on an annual basis. In addition, the Unit in close collaboration with public- and private-sector critical infrastructure stakeholders drives a coordinated national effort that oversees the development and implementation of an effective critical infrastructure protection for the country.
An equally fundamental role of the Malta CIP Unit is the coordination and support of general emergency preparedness plans capable of responding to national emergencies. This role entails the coordination of emergencies services, namely the Civil Protection Department (CPD), Police, Armed Forces of Malta (AFM), Pre-Hospital Health and other related stakeholders as may be required by specific national emergencies.
Finally, Malta CIP provides adequate early warnings via CSIRTMalta concerning Cyber threats and incidents, reaching out to operators of Critical Information Infrastructures (CII) and ultimately to other sectors, businesses and citizens.
The Critical Infrastructure (CI) Sectors
The national critical infrastructure spreads over nine sectors. While not all sectors carry the same weight, any sector contains critical elements that the loss or compromise of which would have a major impact on the availability or integrity of essential services that support the nation’s security, economic stability and well-being of citizens. These are Energy, Finance & Industry, Food, Government, Health, Telecoms & Technology, Transport, Water and Emergency Management.

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